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The name for the Aranea/Meenah ship is usually called "Les8ifins"
docliveblogger docliveblogger Said:

Yeah someone told me about it earlier. and they also told me to not go on the tag because of #spoilers. 

John was basically like Nope. don’t
leave me with them.

the treasure in that very small box? what is it? (caillopes wand?) 

Also god the > bar is messing with me again and its making me angsty.

[Egberting Intensifies]

Also. Knowing Hussie. 

Watch the Ring just roll to Meenah. she’s going to think it’s cute. nonchalantly puts it on and BAM! Alive. 

then a fish pun like “cod dammit” of something.

Meenah is just poring her heart out (and talking about her love for arena).

whats the ship name?

and John is just like. 

God. I really just don’t give a fuck.

No spoiler or anything, but about Kurloz and the coat... is it just me or does Vriska's coat look a little like a sized-down, palette-swapped version of a certain Lord English's coat?
docliveblogger docliveblogger Said:

vriska coat+ a felt member=lord english jacket?

First off I would bathe in [s] Meenah strife w. Self or Condense or something.

2nd. didn’t i say this is something that will happen. I mean she is the thief of life (she will steal it)  and I just want her to fuck shit up in the alpha session.

its a giant yaioajskdkjkfn 


aren’t the next ones like. the ones who can multiply themselves and its like super annoying. or something.  (well thats going to be fun) 

anyways cailborn is such a child I mean where something kawaii and badass at the same time. (like still mad that terezi and karkat haven’t gotten a clothes change like ever) 

Cailborn enough with your bullshit!

Even Hussie/ms paint/ what ever the fuck this is. 

is tired of your bullshit. 

Holy shit it looks like they are in a boy band titled. leprechaun sex.

Gamezee is the one all the gurls love because he looks deep and mysterious when actually he likes to eat pie and stare at things.

hello my friends I am here! (and with less people then there was before *laughs* *crys*)

anyways more Homestuck. 

I’ll stop there for today. 

you know. now that i kinda think about it. isn’t jade the best player in her session?

  • was the first player in her session to talk to her denzin “talk” not fight and or kill. (rose and john and i think dave haven’t talked to there denizens yet doomed timelines don’t count) 
  • finished her quest in days time. (normally it would take weeks but she did it in a day) 
  • was the quickest to go god teir.
  • (didn’t have much help from her patron troll. only a little bit of help) 
  • and she did all this while also being the last player to enter. 

but despite of all of this. what will happen to jade now? she literally did all she needed to do. we didn’t even set things up in the intermission for her in the future. except her relationship/breakup with davespirt.

so she needs to make the beta kids planets grow. and recreate the battlefield.  

and she was turned evil!!  (Grimbark?) I just want to see her get a little bit more character development or something.